Carl M. Tschudin About Carl M. Tschudin  The Swiss photographer Carl Tschudin spent his youth and formative years in Brazil, USA and presently England. In 2001, he moved to London where he works as a photographer in several studios. Carl’s photographs move between art and science. A unique way to understand and show chemical phenomena playing with lights and material. About my work What does photography mean to you ? For me, the camera has become a therapeutic tool, a way in which to filter my many emotions. It allows me to pick apart me universe one very small piece at a time, it help me organize what I want to say about myself and more importantly about my universe that I live in. Photography helps me to find out how things work and what they look like, to see the beauty and story in simple things others pass by or take for granted.
“Everyone has their own universe, go explore it.” One's of today's main discussion points amongst photographers is about the use of digital photography; do you use digital camera ? Has it an influence on your photography ? Digital photography has allowed me to do my work without restrictions, I don’t have to worry about how many frames I have left, or if the picture is going to be out of focus, or how much this is costing me, I can just shot away and enjoy the experience. Your work is a lot about substances or elements, how did you get involved with this type of photography you're doing ? I have always like Physics, understanding how the universe works, it is Scientist like Copernicus, Teller, and of course Einstein that allowed simple people like myself to explore and understand that Universe. Its there ideas and theories like “sting theory,” "Browning in Motion" and Gravity that I try to explore and understand through photography. You did lot of scientist experiences to do some of your works, is there for you any specific relationship between science and art ? These two subjects have often travelled on parallel routes sometimes to converge into a single point, allowing science to be explained by photography and photography to be improved the knowledge of people and even at times advanced by science. Where is the relationship between photography and science, has grown into a mutually beneficial relationship where one can feed off the other exposing their own fields but mutually benefiting the less scientific public.